Вчера Суини принял таблетки Эплоозверина, а сегодня Гуглохейтерина

На фоне этих новостей, опять про монополию затирает.

There is a grave risk of these “partnerships“ being, in practice, collusive deals to consolidate monopoly control of the mobile market - Google offering to “share” some of the 30% they confiscate from mobile users through far above-market payment processing fees on Google Play. https://twitter.com/venturebeat/status/1288403001133105152

Суини всё не успокоится

Чем же ему так Apple то насолил? Почему он на MS так не агрится? )

Apple has gone crazy. If colleges hold virtual classes through an iPhone app, Apple could demand 30% of the tuition. Truly, Apple has no right to take any percent of any company’s revenue just because they made the phone people use to access the stuff.


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