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As a game developer who recently released a game that sold >10k copies:

I actually asked for input in the r/Argentina subreddit and ended-up pricing our latest game 190 Argentine pesos, hoping Argentinians could get our game easily and assuming Steam had resolved the region-hopping issue. Same adjustments for Turkey.

In the following months, Argentina was our 3rd biggest "buyer", and downloads by country statistics told me that actual Argentinians amounted for less than 1% of our actual players. We ended-up upping the price several times in Turkey and Argentina until people would stop region-hopping to pay 90 cents for our game and the revenue from Argentina actually increased despite the fewer buyers.

There is an actual subreddit with "Steam" and "Trick" in its name, ran by a company selling Argentinian gift cards and handing instructions on how to region-hop. Lots of people buying literal hundreds of games in there. One Chinese person once emailed us to ask us to troubleshoot our game, saying they bought it from "Argentina" and in the comment of a Chinese video, several people were recommending getting cheap game through "Argentina".

To the Argentinian and Turkish people reading this: I'm sorry. Just pirate our game, we really do not care, we know it's not your fault things ended-up like this.

Можно к осмотру лица тех, кто с пеной у рта доказывал, что поднятие цен - это только лишь вина инфляции, а не глобальной блять миграции игроков после 22 года, ну и в целом тех, кто пользовался такой лазейкой?

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