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Крутые промты для Midjourney в 2023 году #1-#6⁠⁠

Данная рубрика будет обновляться ежедневно.


dark elf,man,white hair,draw,wizard,not epic,pictures,dnd,nice face,seventeen year old anime dusk


Man - horse, scientist, physicist, dark fantasy


round 3d chicken with glasses and a hat with a gun from the game "Chicken Gun". 3d game. On a white background


Corgi astronaut dog assembles a rocket in the backyard of a 2-meter-high house made of cardboard and iron.


Zeus the lightning lord 3d, 4k


A white-haired girl with purple eyes, behind her is a white dragon against the backdrop of rocky mountains.

Генерировались арты через бесплатный бот Midjourney в телеграм @midjourneyfreebot

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